Sciarrino “L’opera per flauto dolce”

鈴木俊哉 シャリーノ リコーダー作品集
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シャリーノ リコーダー作品集

鈴木俊哉 (recorder)

MSCD-0021 ¥2,750



プロデューサー/エンジニア: イシカワカズ

助成: TYサポートプログラム

Sciarrino ” L’opera per flauto dolce”

Tosiya Suzuki (Recorder)

MSCD-0021 ¥2,750

“Special Recomended CD of the month” ( Record Geijutsu Magazine )

ABOUT THIS CD — Tosiya Suzuki

This compact disc includes recordings of six pieces arranged for recorder* from L’opera per flauto (volume I and II) by Salvatore Sciarrino.
His music having been described as “sharp acoustic phantoms,” Sciarrino, often acclaimed as “a sound magician” has produced extraordinarily original sonic spaces, using unusual sounds such as multiphonics, harmonics, tremolos, percussive sounds, and key noises. These unusual sounds, behaving naturally, spontaneously, and freely in his music, create a sound world filled with fantasy and imagination.
With me, music inhabits a threshold region. Like dreams, where something both exists and does not yet exist, and exists as something else as well. And where these sensations, the most fleeting of them, cross the threshold of unconsciousness with the blink of an eye: outside, they are prolonged, sharp and clear, having survived the passage from drowsiness.
There are the sounds found close to the horizon of the sense, those, surely which, come from the purgatory of the infrauterine, magnified by ancient silence, through some submerged collapse of memory. They fluctuate, and you stand in the center, and an intact space soon pulsates in the dark. (from L’OPERA PER FLAUTO by S. Sciarrino )

Producer/Engineer: Kaz Ishikawa